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Good Evening,
I am having an issues with a freepbx module that’s installed on our system, Currently the installed version of Endpoint Manager is, but this wont go any higher, I have tried fwconsole ma downloadinstall endpoint but it keeps bringing back the same version i already have, I have also tried to tag it at the end with fwconsole ma downloadinstall endpoint --tag and it comes back saying that this does not exist, the reason i need to upgrade this is because one of the modules Advanced Recovery is disabled because the dependencies need to be endpoint manager

Advanced Recovery 15.0.45 Disabled; Pending Upgrade to 16.0.32

  • EndPoint Manager module version or higher is required, you have
    Does anyone know how to upgrade to the new version of endpoint manager so i can enable the advanced recovery module


Can you confirm if you have an active maintenance license for EPM?

EPM and any commercial module will not update if the annual maintenance fee wasn’t renewed.

(I think they there should be some indicator when trying to update and it fails for this reason)

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I am generally sure this is a renewal issue too.

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