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dear community,

i have buyed the endpoint manager plugin. so now i want do provisioning for my d715 from snom.
i have created the template with firmware and have configured external http or tftp address.

i have created the extension and have then assigned the mac address (from d715) to the new created extension.

but now if i add to my phones fresh config tftp://External-IP-Address (also http) the phone is not provisioning.

what i have to consider that this works? currently i have build my own xml file for my phones and rolls this out through option 66 on dhcp.

is any security things also to consider? currently i used openVPN client on the device itself.

what do to if a phone are in a dynmic nat internet (e.g. home workers office)? must i also consider here things like a stun server or so?

thank you so much

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You need three things:

  1. The system needs to recognize the network route back and forth to the phone. The network path, especially for TFTP, needs to be clean and more importantly, bidirectional.
  2. The phone needs to be able to use the protocol you are specifying.
  3. The files you want to provision need to be visible at the address you are specifying. TFTP files (specifically) are stored in a different part of the filesystem from your Web Server (HTTP) files.

The error messages you should be looking for are in /var/log/messages for TFTP and in /var/log/httpd/error_log and /var/log/httpd/access_log for HTTP. You should be able to look in those files to get some idea if the files are being delivered to the phone and what errors exist, if there are any.

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On a FreePBX distro install (which he has to have to use EPM) they are not. Everything resides in /tftpboot

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If you request a file from http://myserver.com/filename.cnf, you are not going to pull it from /tftpboot - you are going to pull it from /var/www/html/filename.cnf. The protocols are not equivalent. Now, EPM may will know and understand the differences between the locations, but I assure you that the files in the web server are not stored in /tftpboot.

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You use the port that the distro specifies.


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