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Endpoint Manager + SIP Server Port Numbers for DECT Base Station

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(Tom Griffin) #1

Free PBX Version: 12.7.5-1807-1.sng7
Endpoint Manager:
Device Make: Panasonic
Device Model: KX-TGP600

  • Currently have three extensions setup for use by phones connected to the KX-TGP600
  • Each extension is setup using Endpoint Manager to correspond to a different account
  • The configuration file Endpoint Manager is making available to the KX-TGP600 has different port numbers (for each line) for Proxy Server Port, Presence Server Port, and Outbound Proxy Server Port.

Is this a defect? Or expected behavior and there is another area of my configuration that I have to modify to keep these ports at 5060 versus incrementing by 10 for each line?