Endpoint Manager Server Port Variable

All of that to ask the question, where does endpoint manager pickup the value of the variable ‘line1ServerPort’?

Long explanation. . . (Please feel free to provide suggestions on a better way of accomplishing this if there is one.)

We use the Commercial Endpoint Manager with Polycom phones very regularly. Often times there is a SBC in front of our deployments, which adds a layer of security via SIP header parsing and port obfuscation, the SBC acts as a B2BUA, and the PBX sees the phones at the IP of the SBC with a unique port number.

We currently accommodate this by making three changes in the “Basefile” for each template on a given PBX, for phones that will need to pass through the SBC to reach the PBX.

The edits that we make are like this: (in the Ext.cfg basefile)

We could put sbc.hostname.com in as the “External” address in the template which would eliminate the need to edia the reg.1.server1.address field. I see that the reg.1.server1.port field is variablized as “line1ServerPort”, but I don’t see any way to edit this variable.