Endpoint Manager - Sangoma?

Pre-sales question:

I am trying to get a Vega (Sangoma) Europa 50 gateway installed. I can get FXO working fine but am having no luck with FXS. I just want the FXS ports to act like any other extension. I do not yet have your commercial endpoint manager.

Google has not been helpful to me. I do admit I am new to VoIP!

I will happily purchase the commercial endpoint manager IF it will work and here is the question. Depending on which of your webpages and wiki pages I browse, I am getting conflicting information if Sangoma and the Europa 50 are supported.

www.schmoozecom.com/endpoint-manager.php lists Sangoma and directs me to your wiki site for details on supported devices. wiki.freepbx.org/display/FCM/EPM-Supported+Devices does NOT list Sangoma or Vega BUT your manual at wiki.freepbx.org/display/FCM/EPM-Admin+User+Guide DOES list it.

SO, if I purchase the end point manager will I be able to configure the FXS ports on my Europa 50?


quick bump to hopefully get an answer. Does the commercial endpoint manager support the sangoma(vega) Europa 50 gateway?

An official “YES” from you guys will result in my purchase of your module


Yes, see screenshot, 4FXS and 8FXS models are supported.