Endpoint Manager - Remote Locations

Freepbx/Asterisk 16
Using sangoma s5/700 series phones

We normally deploy local pbxs, but for some locations have now been hosting the pbx in the cloud. Responsive firewall seems to work well for us, but we now have the need to configure many of the endpoints.

In the past we have used Sangoma endpoint manager and it’s been great, but how do I do this when there are multiple networks at locations we don’t control (home, remote office 1, remote location 2, etc)? I am looking to avoid setting up a VPN for the phones if possible.

Thanks for any advice or guidance here.

Anyone have any ideas? I would’ve thought this would be more common with how often people are using cloud servers.

Super easy… what phones? I do this all day at many locations

Why don’t you want to use VPN? I’m curious.

If using Sangoma phones its as simple as using EPM and Redirect Server in your portal. I use TLS for my remote phones…

Don’t want the overhead if I can avoid a step.

Do you have a link I can look at, or can you walk me through with a little more detail? They are all sangoma phones, but on different networks, all registering to my cloud PBX.

First off, do you have all the phones added in your portal?? Have you then put the proper settings in for redirect for those phones in the portal??

If so, then all you do is add the sangoma phones to EPM and upon boot the remote phones will get the appropriate settings from Sangoma redirect server to point the phones to your server…if you setup your ports, firewall, templates, etc correctly they will register and go online. I do this allost daily. Works great.



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