Endpoint Manager Problems DB20/D10 Handset

I’m having problems using endpoint manager to configure some DB20/D10 handsets. I had a configuration that was working with 2 handsets and we’ve decided to scale up and add eight more. It has been quite a while since I first configured the original two handsets and now I’m having problems. I added a third and a forth, but something went strange when I added the 5th.

The attached screens shots show the situation with 4 and 5 handsets configured. You’ll notice that the IPEIs have shifted around, and none are for the new added extension (6001) which should have an IPEI of 02EB6C51DC. Also one of the IPEIs is repeated (02EB6C5164) which is clearly wrong. Deleting the added extension (6001) restored the original situation.

I have tried various things to try to clear this problem. Deleted and re-adding extensions; Removing and reinstalling Endpoint Manager in a bid to delete any ‘corrupted’ database state. None of these has worked and IPEI 02EB687E5E seems to be very sicky and accrues to every handset configure when viewed in the DB20 web UI. The correct IPEI are showing in the EPM config pages.

So I’m stuck and seeking inspiration and help.

Another strangeness in the config view from the DB20 Web UI is the server configuration which includes two servers configured with just port numbers. That may be normal, but seems strange and may be a clue.

Has anyone else experience this sort of problem.


Stuart Williams


FWIW I’ve partially resolved my problem. Endpoint Manager seems to deal well with creating extensions and servers, but it seems to be truncating the IPUI mapping at eight handsets. When I added a 9th there were only 8 sets of IPEI numbers in SUBSCR_DECT_IPUI which seems to enumerate the known IPEI numbers.

Also, I had problems with the sequencing of adding phones. The IPUI mapping got a little messed up (<8 handsets) when handsets are added out of extension number sequence - but a factory reset of the DB20 seems to clear that up (at least it did for me).

I’m expecting that adding a 10th handset will get the SIP server and extension setup fine, but will need manual intervention to sort out the IPUI to Extension mapping.


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