Endpoint Manager Polycom UC

Has the endpoint manager been updated for use with the Polycom Unified Communications firmware v3.3+?

Yes it’s been done for a few weeks and you’ll never see anything in trac about it.

The configuration generator is a separate project not hosted by FreePBX. Phone changes (which I make plenty of changes to) will never show up in trac. They will only show up here: http://www.assembla.com/code/provisioner/git/nodes

For now at least. Probably going to most to a self hosted solution

This is what makes the project great. Not only FreePBX endpoint manager uses the configuration generator.

Curious where this stands, I was not able to find an entry in Trac for this.

ok I’ve gotten a polycom phone donated to FreePBX so support should be coming soon.

Thanks to SkyKingOH & Schmooze & FreePBX

If this is the firmware that removes the need for sip.cfg then no.

I need a new polycom phone to be able to test that on and I have none. If you’d like to donate one you can contact the FreePBX team