Endpoint Manager - Polycom IP650 Config Files Missing

I’m slowing trying to provision an IP650 via the endpoint configuration manager (not the paid one) but have found that the config files included are very basic. I’m used to provisioning the IP500 and IP501 handsets which have fully feature rich config files. There seems to be a few key config files (according to Polycom) that are missing from the endpoint manager

The two main ones that I’ve found so far are features.cfg and region.cfg

Features allows you to enable/disable almost all features of the phone and region allows you to set your ringback tones etc. I need access to both of these to get my handset set the way I want it.

I’ve looked on the provisioner.net wiki and see that features.cfg is there but its not in the config files when installed as the GUI. There is no features and region cfg in my tftpboot.

Can anyone explain what I can do to get it to include both of these files?

The provisioner.net is also a bit out of date with it’s sip app but the phone is working fine with the current version.