Endpoint manager not updating because update license expired

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re: Endpoint manager 25 year license but only 1 year of updates

@sangoma I think this is a bit underhand.

I get that you charge for commercial modules but when buying a 25 year license I really didn’t expect to then be unable to update without paying an additional fee.

This module not updating is causing other modules to fail to update because of a dependancy and are therefore disabled (Phone Apps, Sangoma connect, Sangoma API). So, the phone apps which is not licensed now doesn’t work because I purchased something… seems wrong.

A clean system, just installed will happily update the EPM to the most recent version WITHOUT paying anything for it.

I’m sure during the purchase process I was told that this would happen but I clearly didn’t see it.

I totally totally get that you charge for some commercial modules but it really does seem that something is amiss here.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this, short of migrating my system to a clean setup and do without the EPM module that I have paid for?

and just for reference, I went to buy it on another pbx to check if it makes clear that updates are not included and it does not. Furthermore, the “terms and conditions” link that you need to tick to say you have read goes to https://www.freepbx.org/legal/, which does not exist.

This is really poor show.

Are you using EPM for phones that aren’t Sangoma?

Hey @kierknoby,
I’m not actually using it at all currently (which adds to the frustration!) but I don’t have any Sangoma phones. Mostly running Yealink.

If you are using planning on using other phones such as Yealink you will need to update it, which you can’t do without the annual renewal. If you’re stuck, then you can open a support ticket with customer services and they can remove the commercial license and revert to the free EPM, and then ask them to remove the dependency. Once both are done you can update EPM and re-enable the affected modules.

I paid for updates and it doesn’t matter, they don’t really support the commercial EPM. They have not added new Yealink phones in ages. There’s only the ones in this screenshot.

I suggested adding some devices that already work (if you pick a different, similar model) and got no replies so the topic auto closed.

I don’t really know where to get customer support for this, why would there be an official forum with the subject Endpoint Manager (Commercial) and no employee representatives responding? Based on what I’ve seen I thought that was the correct way to request enhancements (adding new models)?

Support for the W70B was requested over a year ago, no official response.

Due to auto-closing of threads, I can’t reply to say “I tested with the W70B using the W60B option and it worked”, :frowning:

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