Endpoint Manager - Multiple Ext's Same IP

We are running FreePBX

We have an issue where Endpoint Manager - Extension Mapping - IP Address Status field will show multiple extensions all with the same IP address. Normally about 25 and then regardless of which extension you dial internally they all go to the same extension. This is the extension that is the only physical phone that has the IP address. All of the other phones associated with that same IP address within FreePBX have different IP address on the physical box and correlate to the same IP on our DHCP server. It is only within FreePBX that it thinks they all have this IP of A number of the phones aren’t even on the 172.29.125.x vlan, so we don’t understand where FreePBX is associating with the extensions. It seems to slowy correct itself, or if you manually reboot the phone itself it will update to the correct IP in extension mapping, but it is short lived and reverts back to the IP.

Are your phones and your PBX on the same VLAN? What’s the subnet/IP that your PBX is on and does that match up with the phones?

Sounds to me like you might not have your network configured correctly and your Layer 3 router is essentially NATing traffic between different VLANs.

If that assumption is correct then that’s not an asterisk/freepbx problem, that’s a network configuration issue.

We removed the phone that physically had the IP address of, and so far haven’t had any further issues. I am going to configure a new phone to replace that one.

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