EndPoint Manager module version or higher is required

Here is the problem with the community resolving problems with freepbx, many times important issue never get resolved. This has been an on going problem with end point for the longest and the answers you get in the forum are always vague. Did you cross your T’s and did you DOT your I’s same thing always there seems to never be a concrete answer, and of course there is always technical support, but you must pay for that after all how do they keep the lights on. It is always a joke that one must resort to the forum for everything when we paid for renewals and licenses are up to date. To fight the bureaucracy of Sangoma we rely on the community forum to get resolutions many times, but this is no REDIT or Quorum.
For one final time Freepbx for does not update end point manager, is there a place to manual download it, no of the repo settings for fwupate works,

if you have a license with the renewals up to date commercial endpoint support is free

please consider opening a support ticket

without knowing more specifics there isnt much we can do here

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