Endpoint Manager - Mitel Phones

The Endpoint Manager (Version when creating the MN_(mac address of phone).cfg is not passing the {$ext.line.1} nor the {$ext} variables to the config file.

I need it to enter the main extension number of the phone. Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance.


If I remove the {line_loop} and {/line_loop} the extension variable works, but {$secret} and {$displayname} stops working.

To get those working I added .line.1 so {$secret.line.1} or $displayname.line.1}.


{$ext} is now {$username}

You can see this from any of the other working configuration files.

Thank you, I’ll give that a shot. Is there any place that lists out the available variables? (Other than the few on the Template Manager)?

Variables are declared globally and on a per phone basis. From there the phone templates themselves decide what variables they use. So me listing them would be rather pointless as it’s different between all phones.

==Between {Line_Loop}==
$username, $authname = Extension/User in FreePBX
$secret = password
$server_host, $server.ip.1 = Server Host
$server_port = Server Port
$displayname = Nice name taken from FreePBX

Hi All,

I wanted to see if I could configure some mitel 5224 and 5212 handsets on Freepbx using the Endpoint manager.

For testing, I have constructed the two config files MN_$mac.cfg and MN_generic.cfg using bits from the config I have read out of the phone and parts from the 53xx config set.
Providing these from my tftp server gets the phone up and running with ease.

First thing I notice is the phone (5224) is requesting MN_2006.cfg.
Odd I thought it was 2005 last time I looked. Does anyone know what this file could / should contain.?

Secondly I would like to wrap this function into the EPM but I am having trouble understanding how to make a new device package, I only see the 53xx range as an option and as I am not a native Linux thinker I am having trouble joining the dots…

If someone can point me in a comfortable direction I would be happy to do the required data collection and tinkering to wrap up a package as a downloadable addition.
There seems a lot of chatter about the older phones but no ‘easy to use’ settings.

Obviously I have some of these phones and also a working 3300cx, so if people need me to run any tests or extract any useful info let me know.

Many thanks,