Endpoint Manager Licensing question

So I have a question about how the 25 year licenses for commercial modules are supposed to work.

A year ago we purchased a 25 year license for Endpoint Manager, Paging Pro and Park Pro modules which stated that we would only receive updates for those modules for a year.

Now we are in a situation where the Phone Apps (restapps) module is disabled because it requires an update, however before we can update the Phone Apps module it’s stating that the Endpoint Manager module needs to be updated but since we only got a year of updates for the Endpoint Manager module we are stuck and we can’t update the Phone Apps module.

I am not sure that we are using the Phone Apps so disabling and or removing the module would be fine by us but doing a fwconsole ma delete restapps gives me an error so I am not sure how to get rid of that error on the dashboard.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I had the same issue and was able to uninstall and remove restapps on a few servers. which cleared the error and allowed me to continue using EPM. I can’t remember the sequence I used but initially I got errors like you… maybe try the uninstall option first.

Umm, I just went back to the dashboard and the module is uninstalled. I hadn’t checked after trying the CLI because I got error messages but… it seems to actually have uninstalled. Thanks for the response though.

You need to renew the maintenance fee to get updates.

PhoneApps allows you to use tiny apps on the phone, look it up in the Wiki.

I believe some other modules are depending on PhoneApps, and I’m not sure if it’s OK to remove it.

I understand that now. I didn’t realize the maintenance fee was a separate deal when we were purchasing the 25 year license. My (wrongheaded) expectation was that it was all just included.

I understand what PhoneApps does, however we don’t have any phones on this system that would take advantage of this module so I’d rather uninstall it then see an error in the dashboard every time we log in.

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