Endpoint Manager License

Hi guys. I’m new to Freepbx. I’m planning to develop several small Freepbx instances on Amazon AWS like a multi-tenant model in the near future. Regarding Endpoint Manager, I’m going to need an individual license for each one? We’re not planning to use so many different phone brands on that. Thanks a lot!

Yes, each deployment requires a valid license if you want to use Endpoint Manager.

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I would also suggest if you are running multiple VMs then use something like Vultr as it uses the official distro AWS instance will probably work but it’s not officially supported so if you have issue with EPM you might not get the support you need.

Hi Richard! Thanks a lot for your reply! My target market is Brazil and I found that AWS and Google Cloud have local datacenters there. I want to avoid delay (is it makes sense?). So, I created an AWS AMI based on the last official distro and works very nice. I just want to try to keep costs low as my first clients should be home/small offices.

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