Endpoint Manager LDAP on Grandstream


Just recently started using The commercial EndPoint Manager Module in FreePBX.

I’m trying to configure LDAP phonebook on our Grandstream phones. However I am not able to enter settings into the basefile editor because it is seeing the % character as a variable.

for example:

p8025 = (|(telephoneNumber=%)(mobile=%))

However this gets provisioned onto the phones as:

is there a way around this, like an escape character?

Many Thanks

nobody able to help on this?

Try escaping with a \

p8025 = (|(telephoneNumber=\%)(mobile=\%))

Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible. We will try to address this in the future, but all of our variables use % and we remove any excess at the end of our generation. You can escape the % with a , but we still remove the %.

Ok thanks. could there possibly be a variable added which is equal to percent symbol? e.g. %percent%