EndPoint Manager Issues

I have installed the EndPoint Manager in to configure some Diguim D50 phones, since the DMPA doesn’t play well with BLF keys.

I have it installed in two places, one on a dev box and on my production box. The dev box works correctly, but on my production box, I can not download firmware or provision phones correctly. Both are the same version of FreePBX. OSS Endpoint Manager was installed on my production system and I followed the wiki on how to remove OSS and install the commercial module.

I was able to configure a phone once, but when I tried to make changes, it would error on fetching the configuration. I uninstalled and reinstalled the module with no success.

I have a fear that OSS remnants are causing issue with the commercial module. What can I do in order to make the commercial module behave as expected?

Endpoint Manager Version:
FreePBX Version:

make sure the phones have the latest firmware. This happens if the phones have a older firmware as they do not support the config files we write out.