Endpoint Manager Grandstream Phones Keeps Rebooting


I am running of the End Point Manager and several GXP-2100 and GXP-2110 phones and anytime I set them up in the End Point Manager they constantly reboot themselves after they download their configs. They have the newest version of firmware and if I remove the config manually (removing it from /tftpboot/) they stop rebooting themselves. I can not make any sense out of it and this is the only system I have seen these issues with.

Does anyone know how to enable logging for this so I can see what is going on I have checked out the /var/log/atftpd.log I don’t see anything unusual.

Any assistance would be very very thankful.

There is no logging from grandstreams (yay :slight_smile:

You can run ‘tcpdump port 69’ however and reboot the phones to see what they are pulling out of the tftp server.

[phonesystem.localdomain ~]# tcpdump port 69
tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 96 bytes
13:45:06.445093 IP PublcIP.50806 > ServerIP.tftp: 37 RRQ “cfg000b822a88fa” octet blksize 1024
13:45:06.496467 IP PublicIp.50806 > ServerIP.tftp: 37 RRQ “cfg000b822a88fa” octet blksize 1024
13:45:06.580556 IP PublcIP.50806 > ServerIP.tftp: 37 RRQ “cfg000b822a88fa” octet blksize 1024
13:45:08.826980 IP PublcIP.58250 > ServerIP.tftp: 41 RRQ “cfg000b822a88fa.xml” octet blksize 1024

Then it reboots and repeats any ideas? This is the only machine I have ever seen this problem with I am at a loss.

I wish I could be more helpful. Because grandstream encodes their config files it’s near impossible for me to help you out :frowning:

If I copy the config to another server the phone doesn’t reboot after it downloads (I adjusted the tftp line in the config but that was it) and then copied the file and it downloads it and stays on. It is something to do with that server in particular not the config files from what I am seeing. Any other ideas?

I appreciate the help.

Try rebooting the server. Maybe it’s getting a malformed transmitted file or something?


I recently had this problem with some GXP2100 phones.

After a couple of our I decided to update the firmware from version (I think) to version and the rebooting stopped!

This must be a bug on the phone as there was no network traffic initiating the reboot and I did read somewhere that its to do with the checking of the webgui password.


Dial Plan needs to be { x%2B | *x%2B | xxx%2B } not what is set to by default
TFTP Option not set currently from gui need to do it from the config
Speed Dial 1 is configured wrong in the config it is set to dial speed dial 2

I wasn’t sure where to report these and I knew tm1000 would see them here.