EndPoint Manager Grandstream 2200 Expansion

I’m having issues programming a Grandstream 2200 w/ an Expansion module. I’ve created a second template (programming the other standalone 2200 went fine) and added “EXP-1” to the template with a BLF key, a label, and a value for button 1.

The phone boots and has the proper extension but the expansion module simply says “booting” with no back light. I’ve tried creating a new template a couple of times as well as deleting the config file from the tftpboot directory a couple of times.

Any ideas?

At this time we do not support that expansion module. We only support the old expansion module for the GXP2000. Its on our roadmap to get added. You can view the supported devices here. http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FCM/Supported+Devices+in+EPM