Endpoint manager generating blank configs for Yealink t57W

Need suggestions, please.

I added the model to the template and then added the device but the PBX will only generate a blank config. I noticed that the paid support for the EPM module was out of date so I renewed it hoping this isn’t like Apple sabotaging devices. Updating the support and activation didnt change anything.

I tried some other phones I have sitting around: a t48G and a t46s and both of those work just fine.

Some other observations:

  • adding the device from the extension module gives the config different permissions. Octal value 0755 when added through EPM vs 0644 when added in the extension
  • Modules appear to be up to date. I found a thread from two years ago saying that restapps was the issue. That appears to be running and stable ( but I had it force download and reinstall anyway.
  • The t57w was provisioned using the Yeallink RPS “zero touch” provisioning server. That must have been configured correctly as it successfully FTP’d it’s config from the PBX. It just pulled a blank file. By blank I mean this image

PBX Version:
PBX Distro: 12.7.8-2104-1.sng7
Asterisk Version: 16.17.0

Hi Bob

I don’t have a 57w to test with, but my system is not generating empty cfg files like yours, so there is definitely something going on there. Prob best to open a support ticket

Thanks. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow and try this one more time. The last time I had an issue that involved needing to pay to renew support it took a day after renewing before the issue was fixable.

The fix was uninstalling and reinstalling the EPM.

After about 24 hours the new updates were available but that did not fix it (went from to

Also, disregard the thing about the permissions of the config files generated, it must have been an asterisk thing. That PBX was an older version of asterisk and after getting it on 16 it is consistently creating files with octal value 0755

Permissions are a mess actually. You will see this again. Depending on what generates things you will see permissoins set one way. Then if some other process automatically (or you manually) run a fwconsole chown it will set things differently.

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