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I’ve been using EPM for several years now, and recently I was asked to troubleshoot an issue on a Yealink T48G. While looking at the device, I noticed that the firmware version is over three years old. I checked Yealink’s site and noticed there is a newer T48G firmware from September, 2019.

I attempted a manually upgrade to test if this made any difference, but, of course, after it upgraded, EPM noted the different firmware version and downgraded back to the old version. Ok, fully understand that.

So I went to look at the current firmware version for Yealink in EPM, which is listed as 1.18.

I then looked at the latest FreePBX firmware documentation to check device versions listed. Guess what, the lastest Yealink EPM documented firmware is 1.17.

So, my questions are, how often does EPM repackage and update the firmware versions? Is it as new firmware is released from vendors, or is it more of a ‘as needed’ decision? Does the documentation not get updated when new firmware versions are released? (I could understand if it was just released, but my phones have been using EPM 1.18 for Yealink for at least a year).

Docs are stale, but not really that big of a deal. If you don’t wish to limit yourself to the firmware published by EPM, you are free to use your own:

Thanks for that. For the naming of the firmware files I place in the slot directories (since there is many different firmwares for Yealink device models), do I follow what is in the main Yealink directory? I.e., for the T48g, I name it ‘t48.rom’?

Another question, if I only want to update firmware on a single device to test it out first, can I adjust the template for that device to set the firmware to ‘none’?

Also please refer to https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/EPM-Custom+Firmware+Management to upload custom firmware via GUI.


This is good, but it doesn’t give me an opportunity to test firmware on a few devices before sending it out to all registered phones. While I suppose I could manually provision some devices with the updated firmware, that doesn’t allow me to test the entire provision process.
On my prior question, if I adjust a template with ‘none’ for firmware version, would that override the firmware push from provisioning?

Duplicate your EPM template and choose a phone or two to provision from this new test template.

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