Endpoint manager File not found polycom

I was using endpoint manager [ commercial] to set up some good old polycom ip550’s . This was the 3RD time trying before throwing them out.

in /var/log/messages noticed:
Nov 11 10:16:12 freepbx-64 in.tftpd[23900]: Client File not found polycom/2345-12500-001.sip.ld

the solution was to do this
cp /tftpboot/polycom/0/2345-12500-001.sip.ld /tftpboot/polycom/

I do not know how the pathnames got mixed up. I looked and could not find where to set the correct pathname in endpoing manager.

Is there a place to do that?

I submitted a ticket on this a couple of months ago, but rather than wait for it to get fixed, I used hard links (instead of copy).

I agree links are better.

is there a easy way to make links from one directory full of files to another? the only way i know means writing a script.

If the last entry on an ‘ln’ command is a directory, all of the file names on the command will be copied to that directory, so 'ln * /tftpboot/polycom/whatever/" will magically link all of the files in one directory to another directory.