Endpoint Manager - Expansion Module Issue

We are using Endpoint Manager as have a problem with Aastra Expansion Modules.

We have set up a template for both a 6757i using a 675i expansion module and also a 6867i with a M685.

Neither expansion modules get programmed and just appear blank. The handsets are working fine however.

we know the expansion modules are working because if you log into the phone via the web manager you can configure them manually.

Looking at the support documentation the 675i expansion module is listed as being supported but the M685 isn’t yet listed. ( http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FCM/EPM-Supported+Devices )

Is this a known issue, its a pretty basic setup so i can’t imagine we have done anything wrong.

Thanks… Rod

No one… maybe someone from Schmoozecom would like to answer as this could be perceived as a bug

In extension mapping for those phones, have you gone into the advanced settings and enabled the expansion module?

I have found expansion modules are tricky, and the templates clear themselves after updates to the EPM module, so I make sure to export my templates regularly.

Also there is an issue with older polycoms and their expansion modules not even supported (which is not documented)

Good Luck!


Perfect, Thanks Dave… that’s fixed it.

Weird setting though… why would you select a template that has all the expansion modules settings configured to then have to go into advanced setting and enable it…

Thanks for your help… Rod

You need to set it in extension mapping as the template may have phones with and without expansion modules so how would we know which ones you need expansion modules on.

Surley the answer to that is simple Tony… you have a template for those that have an expansion module and another for the ones that dont… isnt that the idea of the template system?

Im not saying the idea is bad… just odd and by no means clear.

I understand that but now I am creating templates for lots of things. What about if my phone has 2 expansions and yours has 1 now I am creating separate templates.

Also Expansion Modules are not a endpoint that get tied to a device so we need a logical place to tie the Expansion Module to a device.