Endpoint Manager disappeared after update

Hey everybody!

We have just updated System Admin and Endpoint Manager to and and now we can not find the Endpoint Manager anymore. It is still listed as installed/enabled under the module administration and our licence is still valid.

I tried calling the endpoint manager directly via the url config.php?display=endpoint&view=extension but it just shows

[quote]Not found
The section you requested does not exist or you do not have access to it.[/quote]

Thanks for your help in advance!


Yes, I have the same issue here.

This has happened a couple of times recently following an update to System Admin. does anyone know if it’s possible to roll back the last update please?
Many thanks.

Same thing happened to me. Any word on this yet? I can no longer get to the end point manger.
I also have:
EndPoint Manager Schmooze Com Inc.

We are looking into this and I’ll post back once we have additional information.

This should be resolved in endpoint Sorry about that.

That replaced EPM for me, does this have anything to do with the Voice Mail APP not working


Thanks! Endpoint Manager is back again.

I can confirm that updating to the latest release of the EPM module fixed this for me too. Phew was worried for a second there…

This has nothing to do with the Voicemail App not working.

Bryan - We got hit by this on a new install this morning. Would deleting the module drop the endpoint tables from the DB?

I had to go in to backup from the night before I restore all tables endpoint_*

This happened concurrently when we downgraded a system from Asterisk 11 to 1.8 last night. In my haste I deleted the module and reinstalled. Was surprised it dropped the table.

Thanks for quick fix

If you did an uninstall, that would drop the endpoint tables from the database. However if you remove the module folder, module admin will complain that it’s broken, and allow you to uninstall (and there won’t be an uninstall file for it to run, so nothing will happen to the database tables). Then you would be able to install again and we’d detect that the tables already exist.

Thanks Bryan, I will be more careful in the future.

It was a good exercise to restore just the enpoint tables from the backup.