Endpoint Manager Custom Ring Tones


I’m using EPM to manage Polycom IP 331 and ip 301 phones. I need a loud ringer and found Polycom’s Technical Bulletin on how to add loundringer to the custom ring tones.

title is “Technical Bulletin 39358”

I have found the settings they ask you to change in the file legacy_sip.cfg within the TFTP root. How does that file get used by EPM?

Here is the code, missing some XML tags so they will show in post…

sampled_audio saf.2=“LoudRing.wav” saf.3=“Warble.wav”

SAMPLED_1 se.pat.ringer.13.name=“Loud Ring” se.pat.ringer.13.inst.1.value=“2” se.pat.ringer.14.name=“Warble” se.pat.ringer.14.inst.1.value=“3”/

Or should I be making those changes some place else, I could not find them in the Base field edit section of EPM

Thanks for any tips or help

Ok what I ended up doing and this seems to work fine. I copied the loudringer.cfg and warble.wav file to the TFTP Root and then called the loudringer.cfg by editing the the mac.cfg file within the Base File Editor and adding louddringer.cfg to the Config_Files parameter in front of the other 3 files.

Seems to work fine for my Polycom ip331’s