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It appears that the firmware avaialble for Yealink phones is significantly out of date. My EPM only gives me version, which was released Feb 28, 2017. Latest version looks to be This is for the SIP-T48S phones.

I’ve discovered the custom firmware option, by setting the version to 0.00 in EPM to a slot, and then uploading the firmware to /tftpboot/yealink/1

But my question is, what do I name the firmware file? Does it matter? And what if I have a different model yealink phone which requires a different custom firmware version. I named my firmware T48.rom (because that’s what it’s called in the non-0.00 firmware slots. Do I just follow the similar convention for other phone models? Say the SIP-T49G… Which just happens to be the other phone we have, lol.

Sounds reasonable. Try it and let us know what happens.

If it doesn’t work and you are using TFTP provisioning, you should be able to look in the /var/log/messages file to see what file the phone is requesting. With HTTP provisioning, the file name will be in /var/www/html/access_log or …/error_log

I am using https provisioning, but I don’t see a /var/www/html/access_log. In /var/log/httpd/access_log all I see are web console (port 443) reqeusts, nothing for port 1443 (provisioning port).

Never mind, it was in there.

And it looks like when EPM generates the .cfg file it does use the model number in the firmware request. So http://server:84/yealink/1/t48s.rom https://server:84/yealink/1/t49g.rom respectively.

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