Endpoint Manager - configure queue login button

I’m having a little trouble working out how (or if) I can configure a BLF button for a queue login for all phones in a particular template. I can set the BLF button up manually using the number 45300100 (device 300 on queue 100), but I can’t figure out how to correctly set the device number for each phone without having to create a separate template for each phone. These are Yealink T28 phones, by the way.

I have the key set up as follows under the Keys tab of the template:-

  • Key Type: BLF
  • DSS Type: BLF
  • Key Value: *45{$ext}*100

I’ve also tried *45{$ext.1}*100, to no avail. I realise the BLF button configuration is being generated outside the line loop, so it’s quite possible that the $ext variable isn’t available. What I’m hoping to find out is if there is a way to put the device number (my FreePBX install is in devices and users mode) into a BLF field for the Yealink phones.

Is anyone able to shed any light on this particular problem?

In answer to my own question, it helps if you read the list of variables to use listed very clearly at the top of the template screen…

You can also use certain variables in your configs:
-"{$ext.line.1}" = Device’s Default Extension (Line 1 or Master)

My apologies for wasting people’s time. This variable works as expected.