Endpoint manager can't change the BLF Alert in the GUI

When I add or change a BLF in the Endpoint manager. It defaults to None under BLF alerts. If I check Visual, it will deselect None and won’t select Visual. I have tried saving and going back in and it shows None selected. Tried multiple browsers.

What type of phone are you using?

Sangoma S700

Is your PBX up to date?

Probably not, it is on 10.13.66-21; however this has worked in the past.

I am one update out of date on the server. I have scheduled that update for tonight. Any thoughts on how to solve?

There were issues reported similar to this (but not identical) over a year ago that have been resolved. What you’re describing sounds like a browser issue or an EPM bug. Since EPM is looks to be out of date, step 1 is to ensure your EPM is within its update period and update all modules. If that doesn’t help, see if you can replicate across multiple browsers. If neither helps, open a commercial module support ticket.

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