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Endpoint manager can't change the BLF Alert in the GUI

(John Hart) #1

When I add or change a BLF in the Endpoint manager. It defaults to None under BLF alerts. If I check Visual, it will deselect None and won’t select Visual. I have tried saving and going back in and it shows None selected. Tried multiple browsers.

(Preston McNair) #2

What type of phone are you using?

(John Hart) #3

Sangoma S700

(Itzik) #4

Is your PBX up to date?

(John Hart) #5

Probably not, it is on 10.13.66-21; however this has worked in the past.

(John Hart) #6

I am one update out of date on the server. I have scheduled that update for tonight. Any thoughts on how to solve?

(Lorne Gaetz) #7

There were issues reported similar to this (but not identical) over a year ago that have been resolved. What you’re describing sounds like a browser issue or an EPM bug. Since EPM is looks to be out of date, step 1 is to ensure your EPM is within its update period and update all modules. If that doesn’t help, see if you can replicate across multiple browsers. If neither helps, open a commercial module support ticket.