Endpoint Manager basfile edit: Activate additional lines


I am using FreePBX 12 with Aastra 6867i phones. These phones have two line enabled automatically, and i would like to enable an addition two lines globally. I am able to do this in the MAC.cfg file with entries like the following:

(passwords and IPs changed)

sip line3 auth name: "999"
sip line3 password: "jfkjfod9f8908ffojfoidfu87d6fdfjjf"
sip line3 user name: "999"
sip line3 display name: "999"
sip line3 screen name: "Test"
sip line3 proxy ip: “111.222.333.444”

However, any updates in EPM where I rebuild the config overwrite the above changes. I poked around a bit, and came across this page, which lists some variables it looks like I can use:


I added the following to the Aastra.cfg file:

sip line3 auth name: "__line3Ext__"
sip line3 password: "__line3Pass__"
sip line3 user name: "__line3Ext__"
sip line3 display name: "__line3Ext__"
sip line3 screen name: "__line3Name__"

I then rebuilt the config, rebuilt the config for my test phone, then rebooted my test phone. When the phone came back up, I logged in to the web interface and looked at the System Information page. The page show three lines, with lines 1 and 2 Registered, as normal, but for line 3, under the “SIP Account” column, instead of ‘[email protected]:5060’, it had __line3Ext__@111.222.333.444:5060, of course with a status of “403”

I also tried using __line1Ext__ in the above as well, but it does the same thing.

Is my syntax incorrect? It looks like it is not able to pull the extension number, like the variable indicates it can. I am sure it is something I am not understanding, but any guidance greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :slight_smile:



why in the world would you not use the paid endpoint manager to do this instead of editing the files?

I am using the commercial EPM, which is why I posted in the Commercial Modules forum. I am editing the Aastra.cfg file within the commercial EPM.

So now that I have re-established that, what am I doing incorrectly? Do I need to use a different syntax?

my assumption was that you wanted to add multiple extensions to your phone. and if so set up the additional extension (s) and assign them to additional accounts (account 2, account 3, account 4, etc.). in the epm you will see all the extensions, a number of them will use the same MAC address. each account represents a different extension. you do not need to edit the base file to do that

i just looked at our system and although i think this phone is technically a 9 line phone, the epm only has four lines configured. if you need more than you have to edit the base file so that it will handle more lines. i.e.
sip line5 auth name: "line5Ext"
sip line5 password: “line5Pass” etc.

the linex stuff are variables that get set when you configure additional accounts.

The phones I have have two lines pre-configured. I added a 3rd line in the Aastra.cfg per my original poat, whish is also what you suggested, but it doesn’t seem to get picked up.

In the System Information page of the phone’s web UI, instead of having ‘[email protected]:5060’ it has the literal __line3ext__ I put in the basefile, like so:


we are talking past each other. you do not need to hand modify any files. simply configuring the extension 999 and making it account 3 will do all the configuration for you. you can use the “other” tab on the extension setting to define the phone type, template and account for the extension. this should add it to the endpoint manager. you can verify this by looking at the extension mapping in the endpoint manager. it should show extension 999, the name you gave it (test), the account it is being configured as (account 3) , the mac address and the template in use.
you can also look at the generated config file in tftpboot. it will be called mac.cfg where mac is the mac of the phone.

sorry, to clarify:

  • I already have the phone configured with extension 999, but it only has two active lines by default
  • I want to add another (third, possibly more) active line, but still extension 999.

I am able to do this by hand-editing the MAC.cfg file, but I want to do it within EPM, for a couple of reasons, the primary one being that I I don’t want updates in EPM configs to overwrite my hand-edits :slight_smile: