EndPoint Manager Backup Proxy Server and Backup Registrar Server

I have setup a warm spare PBX, I am trying to work out how to enable my Aastra phones to link to both.

It was suggested by someone to use the backup server settings on the phones, which they have, but I don’t see that I can set this information via EndPoint Manager

Can I?

You don’t need a backup proxy server, (unless you use a primary proxy server) and please don’t create duplicate posts.

It was answered in the other thread.

you add the following lines to the endpoint template using base file editor …

sip line1 proxy ip: "x.x.x.x"

sip line1 registrar ip: "x.x.x.x"

sip line1 backup registrar ip: "y.y.y.y"

sip line1 backup proxy ip: "y.y.y.y"
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