EndPoint Manager autoprovision without extension mapping

I’m trying to provision a Sangoma S305 phone with redirect service.

I have already added my phone on Sangoma Portal, set up redirection service, opened port 84, configured End Point Manager global settings and a default template.

What I want to do is to let the phone ask for user and password like in Sangoma Wiki, but if I don’t add phone’s MAC Address in Extension Mapping it won’t provision, it doesn’t even change its server path.

I don’t have a login prompt as wiki says, and I actually don’t want to set up extension mapping for every single phone.

Wiki says:

  • If the Mac Address has not been mapped to a user or template inside EPM yet it will prompt you with a login screen. Since your PBX will not have any information on the phone at this point, the phone will prompt the user to enter their Extension and voicemail password and EPM will generate a configuration for this phone based on your default template.

Am I doing something wrong? Have you faced this problem before?

You need to set a default template for both internal and external.

I have only external because my phones provision only from external, why have both?

I have found that I can do that using DHCP Option 66, is that the only way?

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