Endpoint Manager and Firmware Upgrades

We use Endpoint Manager to manage a number of Snom phones, a combination of 7xx and 8xx models. EndPoint Manager really makes device (endpoint) management great. I don’t understand the firmware process though. I’ve read through the Endpoint Manager manual.

  • How do I get new firmware into our infrastructure?
  • What is Slot 1 and Slot 2?
  • For Snom, the firmware versions are way different from Snom’s published versions. Am I missing something on version numbers?

Please provide detail on these processes:

  • How does new firmware get into Endpoint Manager (me? via module updates?)
  • How does Endpoint Manager (or the device) know it needs new firmware?
  • How do I control the firmware update process.


That guide is really old and outdated. Everything for FreePBX including commercial modules was moved over a year ago to the new wiki.


Endpoint Manager manual is here:

Thank you, Tony.
If we have clarification questions, should we comment on the Wiki or via this forum?