Endpoint Manager - Addition of new Yealink endpoints

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Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that we have improved the Yealink template design in Endpoint Manager and have added support for the following new Yealink models: SIP-T46U, SIP-T53W, SIP-T54W, SIP-T57W, SIP-T58A-CAM, and VP59 as “Certified Devices”.

This represents the first time new Yealink models have been added to EPM for quite a while and is only the first of several manufacturers that we are working with. Watch for additional EPM announcements as the winter progresses.

In addition, we have published a new firmware bundle of various Yealink models into Endpoint Manager which is available in the 1.19 EPM Firmware bundle release. Please note that not all firmware versions are tested with all possible configurations. Firmware updates may require that the phone first be reset to factory defaults. As with all firmware changes, it is strongly recommended that firmware updates always be well tested on a single device or model before upgrading all devices.

Release - Endpoint Manager v15.0.39+ or v14.0.68+.

We are continuously striving to improve the Endpoint Manager to provide a best-in-class experience for provisioning Endpoints with FreePBX. Please provide feedback by either raising issues on this commercial module via a Support ticket or submit feature requests or improvements to enhance this module’s functionality.

Thank you for using FreePBX,
Kapil Gupta

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Good job Kapil :slight_smile:

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Nice ! Thank you guys !

Please add the Gigaset as well ! This is very needed for our customers.

Here is the guide : https://gse.gigaset.com/fileadmin/legacy-assets/CustomerCare/Manuals/PRO/Provisioning_guide/A31008-M2212-R910-5-7643_en_INTERNATIONAL.pdf

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Follow these steps for a feature request

(Wifx) #6

I do it now, thank you !


Any chance of certifying the Yealink EXP50? I did put a feature request in for that.


Fantastic news.

Can I suggest/request the following additions to these Yealink templates within EPM (these are all existing configurable settings within the Yealink handset config files);

  1. Ability to configure ‘Label Width’ for Line/DSS Keys (options are Standard/Medium/Long).
  2. Ability to configure ‘Call Park Mode’ & ‘Park/Retrieve Codes’ that work in conjunction with Yealink Park/Retrieve options.
  3. Ability to configure ‘DssKey Transfer Mode’ (options are Blind/Attended/NewCall).
  4. Ability to configure ‘Page Tips Mode’ for Handset & Expansion. This triggers Page Scroll to indicate BLF activity on non-visible LCD pages.

These are all very useful options that have to be configured manually at present (via Basefile edit, manually configured Config files or Handset Gui).

I did have Support for T5 Series Sidecar (EXP-50) on this list but this has literally just been added in EPM update v15.0.39.39.

ALSO - Can EPM not ‘Hide’ the ability to configure PhoneApps (XML-API functions) for Yealink T5 handsets. PhoneApps do work on these handsets, albeit with some caveats (eg. One-click dialling from a PhoneApps Contact). I understand non Sangoma/Digium handsets may not be officially supported by Sangoma for PhoneApps, but that shouldn’t prevent us configuring those that might work just fine as is on ‘EPM Certified’ devices. The Supported PhoneApps Devices page in the Wiki says as much.

PS. I’ve also raised these suggestions as a Feature Request (Ticket ID: #976721)

(Jared Busch) #9

That is what face file it it is for you can change every single setting even ones that aren’t listed by adding them


Baseflle Edit - Yes, I understand that, but in response to ‘submit feature requests to enhance this module’s functionality’ and ‘we’re striving to improve the Endpoint Manager to provide a best-in-class experience for provisioning Endpoints with FreePBX’, surely it would be better to have some of the options that improve the user handset experience more visible within EPM (easier to configure as a gui option than messing with the basefile). It also saves having to wade through reams of documentation to understand what config options are available & how to configure them.

It’s fine for me (& no doubt yourself) who know how to do this, but there are probably other EPM users out there that may not even know these options exist. Surely a more accessible product is a better one ?

(Brian Ladd) #11

I would 2nd the EXP50 sidecars as they are the new model for all the T5 series phones.

The line label (especially the medium) is a big plus too.


EPM Feature Requests;

  1. Ability to see & select Expansion Model when adding new Extn to main Device Mapping page (rather than having to open the sub-page).
  2. Separate Line/Horizontal Key configurations from main Handset Config (ie. split into 2 config selections, Main & Line/Soft Keys, then merge during rebuild) to allow different Extn Line/Horizontal key combo’s without having to clone (then later update) entire basefile for each variation.
  3. Ability to push/pull basefile changes across multiple basefiles (of same brand) to make it easier to mirror updates after initial cloning of the seed basefile.

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