Endpoint manager / Add entry

I am trying to add the following lines to a snom config file, by using “basefile edit” and “add entry” in endpoint manager:

<file url="" type="certificates_8021x">

However, there is a input mask, that will auto-populate the entry with “perm=”"" and opening and closing tags in square brackets, eg:

< perm=""><file url="" type="certificates_8021x"></>

And my phones do not see this as a valid line, so they ignore it.
Could anyone help me how to get the desired input in there?

Thanks and all the Best

Worked it out.
If anyone else needs anything like that, its a bit hacky but it works:

a screencap of the input mask:

what i put in “Value” (all one line):
</none></phone-settings><uploads><file url="" type="certificates_8021x"></uploads><phone-settings><none>

what the resulting config line looks like (all one line):
<none perm=""></none></phone-settings><uploads><file url="" type="certificates_8021x"></uploads><phone-settings><none></none>

Edit: Any entries below this will be ignored, so delete it and reapply to the bottom if you add something else afterwards.

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