Endpoint Manager - Aastra Phone Firmware

First, let me just say WOW. Enpoint Manager kicks ass.

But I am a little confused, I’m hoping it’s a simple misunderstanding on my part.

PBX End Point Manager

I have a 57i CT (6757iCT) phone, that was running firmware… I installed endpoint manager to manage this phone, did a “update” inside endpoing manager, selected Aastra, Enabled the phone and “got the latest firmware” using the endpoint interface. Aastra (Package Last Modified [7-14-11 at 11:14am])

I issued a reboot of the phone, it rebooted, found a new firmware, updated, rebooted phone came up… absolutely amazing! Great stuff!

But now the phone firmware states

I guess my question or confusion is, is on Aastra’s site, the latest version is “6757iCT SIP (V3.2.2.56, 06/2011, zip) (English, 2.53 MB)”, I don’t mind being a few versions back but this seems as though it is from May of 2010.

Am I doing something wrong? Is the “update” aastra firmware package not up to date? Is v.3.2xxx not ready for prime time?

EDIT Fixed Subject

When I tested 3.2 in March of 2011, I found it to be very buggy, and I went back to 2.6 instead. I haven’t tested it since then, and so I can’t say. The two main problems that I had with 3.2 was that when I programmed a button to be a Sprecode, it didn’t work right, and when I did a conference call and then dropped one, my sidetone went away. I noticed these two problems within an hour of upgrading, and went back to 2.6. I reported both to Aastra, and have no idea if they’ve fixed them. 2.6 works very well.

So you are saying, that all the releases since 2.6 have had bugs in them… and that 2.6 is the last truely stable firmware?

Sounds like a good reason, just want to make sure that 2.6 is the fallback, instead of 3.1, 3.0, etc…


I am also in the 3.2 has issues camp.

I have to ask why you are using the endpoint manager instead of the Aastra XML scripts?

The Endpoint manager is awesome but in my opinion for Aastra the XML scripts provide much more functionality.

I am hoping some day that Andrew integrates XML and Endpoint manager.

I was using the XML scripts at one point over a year ago) but they busted too often to bother (lots of fluff came with the flesh I’m affraid). I really liked the flesh of the functionality, very useful… the other stuff… nope.

Funny you mention them though, I was just searching to see if anyone has managed to use those XML scripts in the endpoint manager (I haven’t found anything yet). Sure would be nice though.


The nice thing about the scripts is you can take or leave what you want.

I am even on the fence WRT the visual voice mail. It’s great on the 55,57 and 39. Not useful on the 31’s.

The find-me, and queue modules are by far the most worthwhile.

In the discussions I have had with the team what we would like to see is a tool that allows you to edit the key assignments after the XML generates the config from the PRF file. A PRF and general settings editor would be nice additions also.

Since the Aastra scripts are not supported by Aastra and are technically a demo the XML functionality it’s an odd situation as to what direction to take and who should manage the project.

I’ve just not updated the firmware. Simple as that. I just recently updated the Polycom firmware. If you’d think I should be on 3.2 I will certainly update it, but by the looks of this thread is seems as though that might be a bad idea.