Endpoint Management

I have a brand new PIAF- Virtual image installed. Added the OSS PBX End Point Manager v and the System Admin v modules to get End Point capabilities. For some reason when I click to “OSS Endpoint Configuration Manager” it loads all the manufacturers, but then I click to install Polycom, and I get the following:

Downloading Brand JSON…Done!
Downloading Brand Package…Done!
Can’t Find Downloaded File!

Any ideas what I should be doing to resolve this?

My apologies if I have found the wrong forum to post this!

Hopefully this helps somebody else… not really a “solution”, but a workaround -

  1. log into ssh or a terminal on freepbx/asterisk server
  2. cd /tmp/emp_temp (I tried chmod 777ing this directory, but got same original error)
  3. Browse http://mirror.freepbx.org/provisioner/v3/ to find your brand’s files (I used Polycom’s)
  4. wget each file in your brand’s directory by copying each link above (ex: wget http://mirror.freepbx.org/provisioner/v3/polycom/polycom.json)
  5. chown asterisk:asterisk *
  6. now go back to FreePBX GUI for OSS Endpoint Config and you can use the brand that you downloaded above.