End User Interface

We currently provide a hosted PBX system to our clients, because of security and ease of use issues we do not provide access the the GUI for clients to make their own changes. This has become the #1 requested feature from our clients.

Does anyone have suggestions on a end user interface or has anyone created their own?

My thoughts/wishes: (I am not a website developer nor do I know if this function is available inside freepbx/asterisk API)

Having a single web site that can set the end users extension settings (VM,recordings, follow-me,…) Change the time conditions/groups, Change the IVRs, Record new announcements, Change Names on the extensions.

Any input would help. If we cannot find a finished (or near Finished product) we are going to start devolving our own.

You can create user names with different levels of access, allowing you not to give away the keys to the store, while still allowing users to access CDR’s, reports or other modules you wish to provide them access to.

FreePBX has a reseller package call PBextended that creates a VM for each tenant. This is exactly what you need to be providing hosted services to clients.

You still need to address CALEA, e911 and any other regulatory issues in your area.

Recon: We though of this but for a end user I think this interface maybe too much for non technical people to use. Plus from what I have read on the other forms, the admin screen is not really designed to be a end user (non tech) interface.

Looked into the PBextended, I would agree it is great idea but right now it takes away too much from our profit margin (we are trying to keep our prices close to our competitors) and we would be limited to only PBxextended VPS on our hardware (we would not be able to host our own PBX system or clients who have only 1 or 2 phones. Even though the interface is cleaner, its not brand able and I for see it could be cumbersome to train to use (similar to the FreePBX interface). We want a product that has our name and logo on it.

I was looking to the re-branding option for FreePBX but I don’t think the scope of work would include a simplified GUI.

Now I maybe over thinking all of this and maybe the stock GUI would work for us.

Well, all I can tell you is after 5 years and thousands of hours we gave up and went to PBXtended. It was the best decision we ever made. I am converting existing PBX customers and simply eating it, the reduced support expense and increased customer satisfaction balanced out.

Thanks, I will bring that up at our next meeting.

SkyKing, Would you considered the PBXtended GUI secure enough to open to the internet to allow the end user access? I know the FreePBX one is not.