End point manager - use 2 PBX ip's

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I am planning on activating the 2nd eth port on my PBX as a fallback device but it will be setup as a different IP. How do you configure endpoint manager to provision for 2 pbx ip’s?

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Hi @akinto2006 Latest EPM has got the “Redundancy” option in the Sangoma, Digium, and Yealink template to configure the Backup server option. For other brands, you might have to edit the base file to add a backup server configuration option as per the respective brand, if not present in the respective brand’s template.

(Allen Antonio) #3

I’ve been looking into Global Settings and individual templates. Honestly, I can’t find the redundancy option. Can you help point me in the right direction?

Edit: I can only see the Redundancy on Sangoma template.

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

Its on the template in a tab called “Redundancy” and only for certain manufacturers. What version of EPM?

(Allen Antonio) #5 Found it only on Sangoma phone templates

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The Yealink redundancy features are fairly new, so if you need them you can upgrade to with

fwconsole ma upgrade endpoint  --edge

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