End Point Manager saying not licensed?

I have the EPM purchased and on my PBX here at my place, and it’s been working fine. Not sure if the latest updates have messed something up or what, but when I go to run EPM, it gives me the schmooze screen telling me the feature is not licensed.

If I go check the modules it says it’s enabled, and up to date, and if I go into sysadmin it tells me I have a valid license for EPM. I even ran the Check option again, and it remained valid, but the EPM will no longer run.

Any ideas??

The commercial version has support. Have you tried contacting Schmooze Com? You might try a reboot.

Try restarting apache. Sounds like a cache issue to me.

In the end, if needed I will, but I figured being the weekend, I might figure something out here before the normal work week is upon me…

Tried a restart, and even performed a full reboot. Everything else seems to be working, but not EPM. This all seems to have happened when I did the last update, where I had to do the yum update of the sysadmin module, and I think there was also an EPM update.

Of note, when doing a ‘service httpd restart’ I received the following bitch messages, maybe this is a clue:

Warning: DocumentRoot [/var/www/html/restapps/] does not exist
Warning: DocumentRoot [/var/www/html/restapi/] does not exist

Any ideas?

Also get this error as well on restart: (since you can’t edit a posted message)

Warning: DocumentRoot [/var/www/html/aastra/] does not exist

Looking at the conf files, I see a schmoozecom.conf that is loaded by Apache. As that file has the new port assignments, I can only guess this was part of the new sysadmin module update. Sure I could comment out the sections generating the errors, but I am sure there is a reason they were all added.


That is not what is causing your problem. That is just warning as those directories do not exist and you can remove the ports from sysadmin port management.

Can you give me the output of

cat /etc/schmooze/license.XXX file

Expires = 03-Jan-2030
deploy_type = OSS
deploymentid = 14303983
epm_exp = 2033-08-02
extroute_exp = 2033-02-19
fqdn = 14303983.deployments.pbxact.com
hostid = M:QZE5E-4MQB6-LGHT2-69L8X
license_expiration = 2038-02-19
product_type = OSS FreePBXDistro
Product-Name = PBXact
Registered-To = 14303983
MagicButton = 0
FaxPro = 0
QXact = 0
Broadcast = 0
Hardware-Locked = Yes
Produced-By = Schmooze Communications
Verification-Code = 4QDQaQv5SGhRzXz6We++uBsyBXSHNgIVAJi0t9Yof/hAhrhQCcpkoeznWGTC

I saw a couple more updates come out yesterday, including a sysadmin update to .23, so I loaded them into the PBX. After doing that update, now the EPM seems to be working again, go figure…