End Point Manager problems

Everytime I drag a firmware version into slot1 or 2 I get the following messages:

Firmware Slot 1
Firmware download failed.
Please resubmit to try again.

Where can I see a more detailed log ?
How is it trying to download these images ?

TIA Marc

amportal a dbug

Will give you more of what you need.

It’s showing:
==> /var/log/httpd/error_log <==
/bin/mkdir: cannot create directory /tftpboot/firmwaredownloads': No such file or directory /tftpboot/firmwaredownloads/yealink.1.05.tar.gz: No such file or directory /bin/mkdir: cannot create directory/tftpboot/yealink’: No such file or directory
/bin/mkdir: cannot create directory `/tftpboot/yealink/1’: No such file or directory
tar (child): /tftpboot/firmwaredownloads/yealink.1.05.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now

So it’s missing the tftpboot directory !
Why is the commercial EPM module not creating this ?
What rights and ownerships does it need ?


Any hints on why this is not creating the missing directory ??

The directory should be created by the system. Not the module. You have not told us anything about the distro so you are leaving us in the dark so no one is answering

The module would never be able to create /tftpboot as nothing in FreePBX has permissions for that. The tftpboot should be created already on your server. This tells me you are not using the FreePBX Distro and something else and this is why we do not officially support commercial modules on anything but FreePBX Distro.

Hi Tony,

thanks for this clarification, the /etc/asterisknow-version file tells me:
AsteriskNOW 3.0.1
But I don’t know if this is enough for you.
… and I found the version file:
Asterisk 11.7.0

I found the follwoing discussion:

Am I using the the wrong distro ?

Right or wrong ?
And what’s best from your point of view ?

I like to take the path of least resistance, so right now, that is the FreePBX Distro - the Schmooze guys along with the FreePBX guys maintain it, it is EXCELLENT, and you are future-proofed - i.e. the FreePBX guys are not going to introduce something that won’t work with their own distro.

As to your initial problem, it is surprising that AsteriskNOW! is not automatically creating a /tftpboot directory, but Digium prefers http provisioning on their phones, so maybe they assume that if you use AsteriskNOW! you will use Digium phones. Login as root and create the tftpboot directory in the root (/) and try the install again.

I see that you are trying to install the Yealink firmware - I have not had any problems installing that one, but I have had problems installing the Polycom firmwares on a couple of boxes - it’s HUGE (½Gig!) - and I couldn’t figure out why, and wasn’t willing to pay for help finding out, so I went around it and just tar’d a good /tftpboot directory from a machine where it had installed correctly and copied that over - certainly a brute-force solution, but it worked.


If you visit http://www.asterisk.org/downloads/asterisknow you will see that the latest version numbers look very similar to the version numbers you see here: http://schmoozecom.com/distro-download.php

Two of the key components of AsteriskNOW are the CentOS Linux distribution and the open source FreePBX GUI, which is maintained by Schmooze. In the wake of RedHat’s purchase of CentOS and its assertion of the CentOS trademark, Schmooze did a lot of work to build their own Linux distribution, free from those trademarks. While they were doing this work, the Schmooze team approached Digium about maintaining the Linux distribution for AsteriskNOW. Digium, rather than trying to perform a similar effort in building a new Linux distribution, decided that it was in the best interest of AsteriskNOW to accept the Schmooze offer. The additional benefit of building AsteriskNOW on the Schmooze Linux distribution is that we also now have an opportunity to bring in more of Schmooze’s modules for FreePBX, which enable users of Digium products to more seamlessly use them with AsteriskNOW. We’re very excited about this partnership and think it’s a win for users.

we have now switched to Schmooze Freepbx distro and updated to 12.
Let’s see if this works better.