End Point Manager - Firmware Management - Polycom Issue

Good morning,

We are working on configuring an asterisk box and have purchased and installed CEPM (Commercial End Point Manager). Our current configuration is quite simple - EPM outputs to the local TFTP server which then is used to provision the phones. Our base Polycom model (IP331) seems to be working fine for the time being. We are having issues with th VVX 500 model, however. The symptoms are below:

When VVX 500 is given provisioning server and connects just fine. It then downloads firmware from the the polycom/0/3111-44500-001.sip.ld directory (Phone states Updating , Please Wait). This takes about 4 minutes. The phone then switches to a progress bar which states “Downloading new updater…”, the progress bar will gain about 25% completion in 6 seconds and then freeze indefinitely. This is happening consistently between repeat attempts across several different Polycom VVX 500 phones.

I thought perhaps I should try a different version from the Firmware Management section of the CEPM, but when I go to this page and follow the instructions listed in the administrator’s guide (click and drag the desired firmware to the desired firmware slot, then click “Submit” [Which on my page reads “Submit Query”]) the page hangs a second, and then refreshes back to it’s default state. Checking my /tftpboot/version file, I can see that I still have version 1.01 even when I try to submit a different version using the Firmware Management utility. I have this problem for all available firmware versions. This happens with or without a firewall being engaged.

So all that said my problem is twofold, relisted concisely below for clarities sake:

1 - Polycom VVX 500 phone attempts to provision but hangs indefinitely on “Downloading new updater…” prompt after 25% progress bar completion.

2 - End Point Manager -> Firmware Management utility is NOT downloading and installing query requests for new firmware slots, allowing only the default version 1.01 to be used.

Thanks and I appreciate any help that can be provided.


To test something, I disabled End Point Manager. My suspicion was that provisioning the extension may in fact be working, but that CEPM was pushing a firmware update, and due to the failure of said update, causing things to not function. So I…

1- Disabled CEPM
2- Cleared the entire TFTPBOOT directory (making provisioning impossible)


All phones previously provisioned (all models VVX 500) now suddenly worked, extensions available, with inbound/outbound routes working flawlessly. This tells me conclusively that this is a CEPM issue. Given I can’t actually “manage” the firmware as prescribed by the user guide, I think this is a bug.

Recommended QuickFix: Give us a checkbox to disable firmware management all together while the larger issue is looked into and repaired?