End Point Manager DialPlan BUG

let say me short history, I been testing freepbx for like 2 years and now I decided to get one in the cloud so I have one with sysadmin pro, end point manager, then I used DPMA and it’s Awesome but I need to separate the parking lot of 2 floors and I bought Parking pro BUT it doesn’t work with DPMA Module for some reason the Digium phone can see ALL Parking lot it doesn’t matter if private or Public, then I wasted my time and money with Parking pro, I posted the issue and still waiting, well I had no option and to do something similar to Digium DPMA Module I have to buy Freepbx Phone Apps, my opinion it’s expensive but I had no other option and I paid for the module, now I have another problem the Dialplan works fine if you Dial with the headset off the phone BUT if you dial the number without take off the headset BANG you can bypass the Dialplan, now I have another problem, I waste the money with Parking Pro and now with Phone Apps for endpoint, I need to know how can I solve this, I didn’t see any restriction for Parking PRO for DPMA and either the Dialplan problem with EndPoint Manager, I lost my money?? right now I’m on the same place without 325usd, 75usd endpoint 175 phone apps, 75 Parking Pro

What’s the actual issue here? There is no way to control what the user does while the handset is on hook, if that’s what you’re asking.

well the dialplan is supposed to be use to restrict the phone to dial specific location with this dialplan 91xxxxxxxxxx|1xxxxxxxxxx the extension will be allowed to dial just 10 or 11 digits for USA, and It’s fine when you take the handset and try to call any number out the dialplan, but if you dial the number with the handset on the phone then press the speaker or dial key the phone dial the number without obey the dialplan, in my opinion it doesn’t matter what the phone do but need to follow the dialplan. Are you agree?

Is that dialplan in the phone. If so the PBX would never know about it. If the phone is allowing you to bypass in a mode the dial pattern match that would be a bug it sounds like in the firmware of the phone. @malcolmd should be able to chime in here.

The phone’s dial plan doesn’t provide an exclusive list of patterns that the phone can dial, nor does it function when the phone is on-hook. Rather, it provides a list of patterns that, when the phone is off-hook, will be matched and will be dialed automatically, so that the user doesn’t have to press the “Dial” softkey on the phone to complete the dial.

So in summary you are looking to restrict your users to only dialing 10 or 11 digits, meaning no interoffice calling? And you want two separate groups to have their own parking lots that the other group cannot see? And are you using the D70?

thanks Tony, the dialplan it’s in the endpoint manager, I’m configuring the phone using endpoint manager, the firmware in the phone is updated, I tried with D40, D50, D70 and same problem

Malcom again, thank you for you reply, If I use dialplan with DPMA it works perfect, this problem is just with end point manager, this module it’s supposed to configure the dialplan like dpma, that doesn’t have any sense, I have to limit some users to international calls, and this is the only way, otherwise I have to buy another module extension routing, and I don’t want to buy anymore modules, I need a way to restrict the internationals calls with Dialplan with endpoint manager

hi Preston, to restrict users to 10/11 digits I’m supposed to do it with Dialplan, the dialplan I posted was really restricted for testing purposes, I’m using freepbx for a 2 floors office so I have to separate the park, that is the fuction for parking lot PRO but it doesn’t work with DPMA so I had to pay for PhoneApps to do something similar to DPMA and now I have the problem with the dialplan, I need to know 1 way to complete the task. DPMA it’s perfect but the parking lot module doesn’t work with DPMA and endpoint manager, with parking lot and restphone apps works, but I’m having problems with the dialplan, I don’t know what to do, the system is live and I need a solution,
thank you

@pachi2001s - sorry for cutting into your conversation with the Team - the extension routing module page says it’s free for 1 year license - meaning just register and you’re done; When it comes up needing relicensing, are you /really/ not going to find $39 to relicense it for 25 years again…? Or is it the same module we’re talking about? http://schmoozecom.com/extension-routing.php
(aside from maybe buying a module, enabling you to use Capital letters, full-stops and new-lines in a posting… )
(that, for a quick solution on a ‘live’ system all right, if the Team decides it’s ‘a bug’ then you won’t need it any more when fixed, is what I mean)

thank you and I’m agree I’m using the module now for 1 year but that is not a solution, my point here is, if we pay for a module we are supposed to know that work for everything for example I bought Parking Pro because I needed to separate 2 parking lots, I was using Digium DPMA, but that module is not compatible with DPMA, I opened a ticket and still waiting for response, so in that module freepbx need to put “ACTUALLY IS NOT WORKING WITH DIGIUM DPMA MODULE” or something like that so we don’t waste the money, for extension point manager there was supposed to have the same warning with dialplan, because I waste the money for parking pro, then endpoint, then restphone apps, resphone app it’s expensive, I could save the last 2 modules if Parking Pro worked with DPMA, that it the point, I prefer to use DPMA 100% it’s excellet but I need the parking pro to meet all my needed. thank you for the response

DPMA has nothing to do with FreePBX and is a Commercial Add on provided by Digium so we would never test for that. It would take Digium modifying their closed source DPMA stuff to understand extensions can be restricted on what parking lots a user can park at.

Its no different the the Call Recording button with DPMA does not honor any call recording permissions in FreePBX. Only Digium can do this since those features and apps on the phone are closed source.

Again the Dial Pattern is nothing we control and the first I have heard it will not restrict. Malcom also made it clear that it would not matter if it was DPMA or EPM configuring the phone that dial patterns behave the same

Tony thank you for the reply, I will have to buy extension routing then to avoid the extension to dial out the country. that is the only way right?, thank you for the reply