End Point Manager Cisco IP Phone SPA525G2

Hi everyone!

I am using Cisco IP Phone SPA525G2
Software Version: 7.6.1(ES_RC01)

I am trying to use EPM to provision Cisco phones and I am having issues. My phone server is hosted and I am provision phones in multiple locations.

None of my phones are being provisioned. I have the profile rule http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/spa$MA.xml and the trasport protocal set to http.

In the template I have both the destination and provision server address set to the FreePBX Server.

  1. Removed the authentication for provision server so there is no username and password.
  2. I have setup the correct template with the correct models and fireware versions.
  3. Tried changing the provision to TFTP. Also tried HTTP (Change the Template to the correct provision protocol)
  4. Hooked up an extension to a MAC address and set the correct models.

Which logs to do I need to look at to see what is going on? Does anyone have any advice. I have looked on here and it seems with Cisco is never resolved for EPM.

Thank you very much for your help!

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