End Point Configuration Manager and Snom 720

Hey Everyone,

I am new to Free PBX having spent the last few years working with Asrterisk without using any kind of configuration management system.

I notice that several Snom phones are supported in the End Point Configuration Manager, however the Snom 720 is not.

I wonder how I would go about getting this model added/supported - I realise its quite a new phone from Snom.


Depends on what the config files look like. Have they changes drastically from 320?

The config files, settings & parameters are all the same for the snom phone range

So the settings for any other phone using v8 firmware will work the same - e.g. snom 821, snom870 etc

Only the filename in the tftp directory would be different - snom870.htm for a 870 and snom720.htm for a 720 etc.