End Point Configuration Manager and multiple accounts for Yealink T38G

It appears that the End Point Configuration Manager does not create the configuration file correctly when it comes to multiple accounts on a phone. I could be wrong but here is what I see. Currently the configuration file puts in accounts like so:

According to the documentation I have multiple accounts should be handled like so:

I also could be wrong about this as well but when I select an account to be on a line I would have expected the linekey code to be added to the config. Does anyone use the lines differently then what I am expecting? If not could someone look into fixing it that has access to the code? Or is there a way I could get access to the code to work on it?

You are looking a the new M7 documentation which came out a week ago. First off I work on EPM for free. So it’s going to take some time to convert to the new setup

Secondly the ‘bad’ configuration you posted is actually 100% correct AND the phones will accept and use that configuration just fine even on the new firmware. If you did some researching you’d have figured that out.

The code is right there on your hard drive. It’s not hidden or anything.

Whoa mate, I wasn’t berating the work so chill on that man. I understand that it takes some time to work on the changes and that you do it in your spare time. I thank you for it as people like you help people like myself maintain systems in a cleaner fashion. The document that I am looking at was released in August. The document itself list this information was released in March. This is why I felt the need to post what I had found and what I expected.

The config that I posted did not work as I expected when it came to multiple lines/accounts on my T38G. When I used the code on both 3.80 and 3.0 firmwares the second account listed over wrote the first account listed. I would have expected the first account be listed in the phone under account one and the second account to be listed under account two. On top of that the line assignments were not used at all it seemed from the Configuration Manager. This is why I asked if what I was trying to do was expected behavior or if others use it differently. I do not have a way to test if this had worked in the past with the phones that I have.

While the information you might have is dated ‘march’ or something. I can assure you that all information was officially released in November.

I never said you were berating me.

Edit: September! Opps :frowning:

Proof that the announcement was in September: http://www.yealink.com/News_info.aspx?News_Id=28&CateId=213

The configuration changes were released November 1st: http://www.yealink.com/Upload/Datasheet/YealinkT3XV70ReleaseNotesV12-04462980035.pdf

Dear tm1000,

At first sorry to warm up this old post here. Well, this thread is exactly about what I need to know. :wink:

First question, will there ever be an “M7 style provisioning” update to the OSS Endpoint Manager?

When I switch to commercial PBX End Point Manager, is there “M7” support already integrated? Also with NEWEST Yealink T32G and T38G firmware ( &


According to Yealink also latest T32G and T38G firmware are still “M2 template” based.

When it’s still at old template version, why it doesn’t work in OSS Endpoint Manager? When loading config to the phones, they doesn’t shows any reaction. Strange…

However, what’s now about commercial PBX End Point Manager? Is it 200% Yealink M2 & M7 template compatible?

I have no desire to pay here money, and in the end I am faced with the exact same problem. :frowning:

Yes the Commercial EPM supports all Yealink phones including the newest T4X series phones. It also supports all forms of config files.

Thanks Tony Lewis for this information regarding Commercial EPM. So it seems that I have at least one alternative when I don’t get my t32g and t38g phones to work with OSS Endpoint Manager.

Great, my Yealink t32g & t38g phones are working now! I only had to register every device once with OSS Endpoint Manager. lol (I thought that everything goes fully automatically) The two t38g phones need additional a rebuild of their config in OSS Endpoint Manager.

So it seems that OSS Endpoint Manager is still Yealink “M7 template” compatible!

However, the only three things which doesn’t seems to overtook correctly from Endpoint Manager is value “Time zone” (Berlin +1), “Date format” (Day-Month-Year / European) and “Time format” (24 hour).

These are not serious bugs, these can be corrected manually in each device.

However, where can I send bug report regarding OSS Endpoint Manager?

The link to report bugs is in the upper right of this page.

Thanks for this super fast replay. I thought that bug report function is only for officially supported modules and not for the unsupported one…