End of year letter from Sangoma's CEO to the open source community

Bill Wignall, the CEO of Sangoma, has posted a year-end letter to the open source community. You can find it at https://www.freepbx.org/year-end-message-to-our-open-source-community/


Excited about the VoC and OSRAC programs.

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DISCLAIMER: If you look at commits there is a lot of work being done. This post is by no means meant to imply that things are stagnant. Though I am no longer employed with Sangoma the FreePBX Project is very important to me. My name is on a large percentage of the code base so I am heavily invested in the success of the project. The following concerns are my own and reflect personal opinions. Yes James’ disclaimer is longer than his post.

Out of curiosity there is 92 issues sitting un-triaged.
Also FreePBX still doesn’t support Asterisk 17.

I do see commit activity as I watch and some of those 92 may be fixed but that is not reflected in the tickets. As Matt and I have discussed in the past perception is as important as action. 1 thing publicly is more valuable than 100 behind the curtain.

Hey James,

Yeah, the triage queue has gotten backed up a bit. We’re working on a more consistent process for getting them at least to the next step. Most of them have been reviewed, I think we need to get them out of the triage state.

Asterisk 17 support is something we’d like to see as well, but other things have been put ahead of that work. Patches are always welcome though :slight_smile:

Hope you’re doing well, and happy holidays.


To you too… Look matt is here on Christmas eve :slight_smile:
I was just giving feedback. I don’t want you or anyone to take it as (non constructive) criticism.


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