Enabling CDR

Hi All!

I’m not able to see the call reporting via the FreePBX GUI. I don’t know anything about databases or mysql but googling I figured out how to get inside the asterisk database and see its content. I didn’t saw anything. This is what I did:

  1. mysql -ufreepbx -p -h asteriskcdrdb

  2. Enter password: mypass

  3. mysql> show tables

Then nothing is listed, just an arrow followed by blank.

I also checked the /etc/asterisk/cdr-csv directory and nothing there.

Any suggestions?


Before we can help you we need to know the following

  1. FreePBX version
  2. Asterisk version
  3. Was this a distro install or build by hand?

BTW. you need a ; (semi-colon) after your my sql statement.

  1. 2.10
  3. I installed from AsteriskNow 1.7.1. Then I upgraded FreePBX untill I had to install (I did it using yum) Asterisk 1.8. That’s what I did so far.

Is this is a new install? IF it is you might consider reinstall the FreePBX distro.