Enabling 2FA for FreePBX Forum Login

Hopefully by now, most most forum users will have moved away from the Atlassian Crowd single sign on method. By doing so, anyone can now enable two factor authentication for their FreePBX community forum login. YOU MUST DO THIS TO HAVE ACCESS TO TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION SETTINGS.

To enable 2FA, click your user icon in the upper right hand corner and then click the profile icon, then click Preferences:


From the following screen click the Security tab and then the Manage two factor authentication button:


From there you can get a QR code to setup the typical 2FA authenticator App, and once setup you can download two factor backup codes.

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Hi @lgaetz
Something is wrong at this 2FA side. My Password is correct, 2FA is not accepting correct password.
Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 13.54.52

I just tested and confirmed it worked for me.

Did you reset your password in Discourse itself, and log in using it and not through Crowd?

I tried to reset my password Also tried to Reset Password did not received email… Odd

PM sent

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