Enabled Zulu on a FreePBX 13 server. No 90XXXXX extensions created?

I’ve been using Zulu at several of my sites with PJSIP and no issues. I just set up Zulu at one of my other sites using FreePBX 13 and then I created a test PJSIP extension. When I look in Asterisk info this site (and this site only) did NOT create a 90XXXXX extension. I assume this is why my Zulu app won’t register with endpoint. The Zulu app logs in just fine but I can’t make a call. There is no call button. Just the originate to device button.

Just saw this on another site using freepbx13. Why is it not creating the 90XXXXX extension?

Any advice @lgaetz?

Figured it out. Some bonehead was creating extensions for monitoring that started with 90. This caused the PBX to not correctly create PJSIP extensions. This can be closed.

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