Enable PM200 Sidecar

TLDR: Where is the setting to get a P330 to send configuration to a PM200? (Equivalent of setting S series PC Port to “Connect to Module”)

Longer version:
Working with our Freepbx 16 system. We recently had one of our S700 w/EXP100 phones die, making us use our spare one. With the S series EOL, I have been trying to get our system set up to work with the P series, so I don’t have to count on eBay for any future replacements.

I’ve managed to get the P330 working where it is configured from EPM.

When I add the PM200, it does not take any settings. I can see it’s getting power, but all the buttons are blank.
I’ve Enabled and set up PM200-1 in Endpoint Manager, done Save, Rebuild, and Update Phones, but the PM200 is not picking up the configuration.
Rebooted the phone, same issue.

My guess is there is a setting I’m overlooking that is the equivalent to setting the S series PC Port to “Connect to Module”, but I cannot seem to find it in EPM, the phone menu, or anywhere else I know to look.

Thank you for any help that can be offered.

What firmware version is your P330 running? The sidecar didn’t get enabled until a recent firmware release.

4.12.3, which by my read “should” support PM200.

I tried getting it to update to 4.13.1, but it didn’t seem to want to take it. I can try again.

4.13.1 played nice today and installed. No change on the PM200.

In that case not sure, that’s all I had to do to get ours working.

Sangoma Support just got me the solution.
EPM>Extension Mapping
Edit Extension
Change Expansion Module 1 to PM200-1.

Figured it was something obvious. Thank you.

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